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Today, minimally invasive surgeries are very common in gynecology thanks to advances that allow gynecological surgeons to work with tiny incisions (in some cases only a few millimeters long).  Formerly invasive procedures like ovarian cyst removal, tubal ligation (surgical contraception), hysterectomies and more are done this way which  greatly decreases recovery time, complications and scarring.

It is Dr. Aliabadi years of experience and skills that has made her one of the leading gynecological surgeons in the country, International patients have traveled from around the world to see her and also serves as the official OBGYN for a number of royal families.

Dr. Aliabadi offers the highest quality care to her patients, with a personal touch. The sole physician of her practice, Dr. Aliabadi  promises to build a one-on-one relationship each of her patients. Her devotion to her patients has earned her several Most Compassionate Doctor awards.

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