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“Dr. Aliabadi is an excellent doctor. She takes the time to explain my condition and what treatment or surgery is required. She is very caring for the patient both before and after the surgery. I am very pleased to have Dr. Aliabadi as my doctor.”

Dulce C.

“Dr. Aliabadi was an absolute gem during my delivery. Her patience and care was outstanding. She genuinely cares about her patients and I felt that I was in excellent hands. I could not have done it with anyone else!”


“Dr. Thaïs Aliabadi was an incredible doctor for my husband and I throughout the whole birthing experience. From our first ultrasound all the way through out long labor and c-section, her professionalism, kindness, and support make the entire process wonderful. We couldn’t have asked for a better doctor.”

Kellyann G.

“Thaïs Aliabadi has expertly delivered my two boys. Her laid back, yet vigilant approach worked perfectly for me. I didn’t have time to go to prenatal classes and she effortlessly walked me through the breathing and pushing in real time. You can trust Dr. Aliabadi with the most important job anyone will ever do for you, which is get you in and out of the hospital with a healthy baby.”

Helena B.

“Dr. Aliabadi was fantastic from day one! She was extremely supportive throughout my prenatal care and delivered my daughter in no time at all! We wouldn’t have been able to get pregnant without Dr. Aliabadi’s help and we are now blessed with a beautiful little girl. It has been a great journey and we look forward to the years to come. Dr. Aliabadi is the best Ob/Gyn I’ve ever had! She is warm, friendly, and extremely caring.”


“I thank Dr. Aliabadi for her hard work and dedication for what she does everyday. She made my childbirth experience so pleasurable, and more importantly, memorable. My husband, my family, and myself were so impressed by her professionalism and positive attitude throughout my pregnancy and especially through labor and delivery! She truly deserves every award, accolade, and acknowledgement out there. Again, I thank her so much for her dedication. I look forward to her delivering as many more children I can handle having. Hands down, she is amongst the best doctors out there. I can’t stop raving about her to everyone! Thanks again!”

Rebecca K.

“I was referred to Dr. Aliabadi after my gynecologist of eighteen years closed his business to take an opportunity back east. The referral was of an urgent nature after an ovarian mass had been discovered during a food poisoning workup at an emergency room out of town. Dr. Aliabadi and her staff make room for me. I was immediately impressed by Dr. Aliabadi’s thoroughness and attention to detail. Since our next step was surgery, she enlisted the help of a well regarded oncologist. She gave me detailed explanations of what I could expect and had her staff call me after hours to address the concerns I had. I have been her patient for a month and have been recovering well from what appears to be a smooth surgery. I look forward to seeing Dr. Aliabadi for my continuing healthcare. Not only is she competent, but also pleasant and straight forward. I have already recommended her to others!”


“Dr. Thaïs Aliabadi is an amazing doctor. I have referred her to every woman I know searching for a doctor. She delivered both of my children. Her warmth, experience, and non-invasive preferences are highlights. She saved me from getting a c-section with my first child. I look forward to to my visits with the doctor and I will cherish the care I had during the special time of pregnancy and delivery.”

Danielle C.

“I was really nervous about going through the process of childbirth, but it went better than I could have imagined. I was well taken care of and Dr. Aliabadi was very personable and competent. She came to check on me several times during labor. Dr. Aliabadi is amazing!!!”


“Dr. Aliabadi and her staff are amazing to work with. My new health insurance didn’t offer Dr. Aliabadi’s services, so I switched just so I could have her treat me throughout my entire pregnancy and deliver my baby. My baby boy was born and Dr. Aliabadi put me to ease when I was told I’d have to have a c-section. She did an amazing job and I can’t wait to have her deliver my next baby!”

Ami D.

“I had a very good experience. Dr. Aliabadi and all her staff are very nice and caring. I recommend her to everyone.”


“Dr. Aliabadi is amazing, comforting, sweet, and treats her patients very well. Thank god for such a great doctor. I will be back for my third baby with her in three years! She also does the best C-sections.”


“I had a wonderful experience and don’t think I could have done it without Dr. Aliabadi. She was on top of any little issue I had and was amazing in the delivery room.”

Kelly P.

“I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Aliabadi. She is the best!”

Anne W.

“Dr. Aliabadi is amazing! We have been through a lot together and with all my complications, she kept my husband and I hopeful and supported us through our two year process. Her surgical skills are flawless. My pain level was never bad. She has helped our dream come true, as I gave birth to my little miracle on Sept. 14, 2012.”

Cheyenne R.

“Dr. Aliabadi was very attentive to my needs during my entire pregnancy, delivery, and aftercare. I would recommend her to all of my family and friends. We all love her! Her expertise in this field is remarkable and her staff at her office make you feel at home. I thank her for all that she does!”


“Dr. Aliabadi is amazing. She always puts me at ease and makes me laugh. She has been great through good times and bad, and when it comes to pregnancy and delivery, she is the best. My friends can’t believe she was there the whole time I was pushing. She truly loves what she does and is incredible at it. She explains everything, including all options, with warmth, intelligence, and humor.”

Rachael D.

“We couldn’t be more thankful for Dr. Aliabadi for the excellent care we have received during my pregnancies.”

Allyson T.

“My surgery went by smoothly and the staff at Cedars was extremely friendly, patient, and professional. They put me at ease and I was overall satisfied with my experience. Dr. Aliabadi make me feel very comfortable with my procedure and I recommend her to anyone with confidence!”

Deborah H.

“Dr. Aliabadi was incredible through this entire process and I couldn’t imagine working with any other doctor. My procedure went perfectly.”

Lara G.

“Dr. Aliabadi was an integral part of making my pregnancy and labor both enjoyable and safe. She was always available and took all the time I needed to either help me learn or feel better about the various stages of pregnancy. I would, without a doubt, recommend her to anyone. As a matter of fact, I already have!”


“I felt prepared and cared for by Dr. Aliabadi and her staff before, during, and after my surgery. Dr. Aliabadi was available to answer my questions and alleviate any worry or nervousness I had.”

Lesley S.

“Dr. Aliabadi is a wonderful doctor. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with her care and delivery of my two children. She is extremely professional, detailed, and knowledgeable. I feel very cared for and assured by her ability. Her staff are warm and friendly. She is definitely one of the best OBGYNs in her profession.”

Bertina Y.

“I had a great, painless experience throughout my whole procedure with Dr. Aliabadi. She is a wonderful and knowledgeable doctor. She was kind and generous before, during, and after my operation.”

Simin R.

“Dr. Aliabadi is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and caring. She provided me with excellent care throughout my pregnancy and delivery. We were pregnant at the same time and even at nine months pregnant, she was incredibly skilled in the delivery room. I am grateful to her and the whole staff for all their work and care.”

Bahareh R.

“Dr. Thaïs Aliabadi was wonderful throughout my whole pregnancy and delivery. Best doctor ever!”

Sogol J.

“I have had good medical care with Thaïs Aliabadi. She is very good at everything. I am very happy with my choice in this doctor.”

Rashin Z.

“Dr. Aliabadi helped to make the process of getting pregnant, being pregnant, and giving birth more enjoyable and less stressful. She answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable along the way. Even when my baby decided to show up five weeks early in the breech position, the unplanned C-section went more smoothly than I could have ever expected.”

Kelly P.

“She is a caring, professional, & well informed doctor. I had a good experience with both of my births.”


“I had a great experience going through surgery with Dr. Aliabadi. She really explained the procedure in detail and made sure to follow up afterwards. I felt well taken care of. Everyone in the office is super nice! Great place to come and get taken care of!”

Natalia L.

“I had the most wonderful experience with Dr. Aliabadi. She was very compassionate and knowledgeable throughout the whole pregnancy. I’ve recommended many of my friends and family to be seen by Dr. Aliabadi. She made me feel very confident and secure during my labor and made the experience enjoyable.”


“I had a great experience delivering my second daughter. I completely trust Dr. Aliabadi. She is very comforting and professional. She listens and addresses all of your concerns. I also like the fact she is a female because she has gone through the same experiences her patients go through. She totally understands you and what is going on with your body. Many thanks to Dr. Aliabadi and her staff.”


“I couldn’t have asked for better care from Dr. Aliabadi. She is the most compassionate, intelligent, and kind physician I’ve ever had.”


“I had a great experience [with Dr. Aliabadi]. I felt very comfortable throughout the whole procedure. Dr. Aliabadi was great and I’m very happy I have her as my doctor.”

Sanam S.

“I had a great experience throughout my pregnancy. Dr. Aliabadi was great. She helped me out on every stage of my pregnancy. The whole staff is really great and helpful.”

Akansha S.

“I had an awesome, believe it or not, experience with my surgery! I came out of anesthesia with no side effects or nausea. Follow up calls by all parties involved in my surgery were well appreciated and unexpected. Thanks guys!”

Sharon M.

“My polypectomy procedure with Dr. Aliabadi went as smoothly as possible. I was at work the day after without much discomfort. The procedure was scheduled very quickly and everything was organized well. Dr. Aliabadi is one of the most caring and experienced doctors I have ever known!”


“I found Cedars nursing staff to the the best I’ve ever experienced. Everyone was very kind and patient. The icing on the cake was Dr. Aliabadi’s compassion and faith in me, even while the baby took hours to move into the birth canal. Dr. Aliabadi did not give up on my will to deliver vaginally. She was truly an angel throughout my twenty-six hours of labor. Because of Dr. Aliabadi, I have conquered my fears of labor and childbirth. Her compassion cannot be matched.”

Makeba R.W.

“I had a hysteroscopy and polypectomy with Dr. Aliabadi. The surgery done with only minor discomfort afterwards. The office was very helpful in securing my coverage when I switched insurance a few days prior to the surgery.”

Jessica M.

“We are so grateful to have had Dr. Aliabadi as our doctor. Our experience could not have been any better. The entire pregnancy went rather smoothly, but any concerns we had no matter how small, Dr. Aliabadi took the time to explain them and make us feel comfortable. I feel I had a better pregnancy and delivery experience because I had Dr. Aliabadi by my side, guiding us through this journey.”

Krystal P.

“Dr. Aliabadi is a great doctor. She is so caring and precise, and saved me and my baby. She diagnosed my preeclampsia right on the spot. It was a great experience to have her and I will keep her as my physician for a long time.”


“Dr. Aliabadi really reassures me. I feel she knows exactly what she is doing. On top of everything she is beautiful.”


“Dr. Aliabadi was patient, encouraging, and warm during my delivery. She checked on me frequently during my labor and was wonderful at delivering my baby- with a large head and shoulders! I enjoy her as a person and as my Ob doctor.”

Molly S.

“I have nothing but positive sentiments to describe both my prenatal and delivery experience. Dr. Aliabadi was caring, compassionate, and always had my best interests in mind. I am recommending all my potential moms to her practice! I am grateful to have gone through a life changing experience with her by my side. Thank you!”

Robin K.

“Knowledgeable, compassionate, altruistic…. Just a few words to describe Dr. Aliabadi. She is a guardian angel who saves lives and has wonderful bedside manner.”

Sherri T.

“I would recommend Dr. Thaïs Aliabadi to anyone! She is the epitome of confidence, perfection, and comfort. I enjoy her office staff greatly! Its been a wonderful experience to have Thaïs deliver both my baby girls!”

Natasha J.

“Amazing experience. Very professional and caring doctor and staff!”

Tracy G.

“Dr. Aliabadi is a wonderful doctor. She is empathetic and very sensitive. She is conservative where she needs to be and a very good listener. I could not recommend her more highly- and have! All of my friends see her now.”


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