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Nabothian Cysts

Cervix, Nabothian Cysts, Menopause Center Los AngelesNabothian cysts are benign (non-cancerous) mucus-filled growths that develop on the cervical surface. The cervix is the small organ that forms the lower portion of the uterus and opens into the vaginal canal.

The cervix normally contains glands that secrete mucous. A Nabothian cyst occurs when these glands become clogged by skin cells. The mucus builds up, forming a smooth, white, round lump on the cervix.

Diagnosing Nabothian Cysts

Nabothian cysts can be seen during a regular pelvic exam. They can appear in singles or as a cluster on the surface of the cervix. In some cases, your doctor may wish to perform a colposcopy to get a closer look at them. A colposcopy is performed using a colposcope, an instrument equipped with a magnifying lens.

Nabothian Cysts Symptoms and Treatment

Nabothian cysts do not cause any symptoms, and in most cases require no treatment at all. In some cases, large cysts could obscure the cervical canal, making it more difficult for your OB-GYN to take samples for a Pap or other test. In these cases, Nabothian cysts can be gently opened and drained by your doctor during the exam.

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