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Cervical Polyps

Cervical Conditions, Cervix, Cervical Polyps, Menopause Center Los AngelesA cervical polyp is a small protrusion growing from the cervix. Although polyps typically appear in singles, multiple polyps may also be present. They may appear as a symptom of chronic inflammation or an infection of the cervix. They may also result from a build-up in the cervical blood vessels or from increasing estrogen levels.

Symptoms of Cervical Polyps

Many times, cervical polyps have no symptoms at all. But in some cases, cervical polyps cause abnormal vaginal bleeding, especially:

  • After vaginal intercourse
  • After douching
  • Between periods
  • Post-menopause

Cervical Polyps Treatment

Cervical polyps do not necessarily need to be treated unless they are large, causing abnormal bleeding, or if they appear to be infected. Virtually all polyps are non-cancerous, but if your doctor has cause for concern, the polyp may be removed and sent to the lab for testing.

A polyp can be removed during a routine pelvic exam. Using fingers or forceps, your OB-GYN can gently twist the polyp to cinch it at its base and detach it from the cervical tissue. Your doctor can then apply a solution to the site to stop any bleeding.

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