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Breast Changes

Breast Changes During Menopause, Menopause Center Los AngelesAnother natural process of aging in menopausal women occurs in the appearance of the breasts. As we age, our breasts come to grips with gravity, losing their previous firmness and full shape. This might have an impact on your self-esteem, but rest assured that it is normal and almost all menopausal women will see some changes when they look in the mirror.

The greater cause for concern is the increased risk of cysts, fibroids, and other abnormal growths in the breast tissue. Women can develop abnormal growths at any age, but menopausal women are certainly in a higher risk category.

What Causes Breast Changes During Menopause?

The decreasing circulation of estrogen in a woman’s body post-menopause causes the skin to lose moisture and elasticity. This has a stretching, sagging effect on the breasts. Many, but not all, older women should expect to change a cup size due to the changes.

What Should You Expect During Menopause?

You might see:

  • Nipples pointing off to the sides instead of forward
  • Stretching and flattening
  • Stretch marks
  • Widening of the gap between the breasts
  • Lumps, which may be due to minor fibroids or cysts, or a more severe condition like cancer

Are There Treatment Options?

There aren’t really any medical treatments available to reverse changes in the breasts. You may be able to keep the skin healthier and more elastic with creams and lotions. Collagen and cocoa butter, found in specialty creams, lotions, and oils, have been shown to reduce stretch marks and keep the skin moisturized. We hope you feel comfortable talking with us about these changes and more when you come to visit.


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